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Designed With Passion From Singapore.
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about us

Arcturus Watches was founded in the sunny little island of Singapore (also known as the Little Red Dot and the Lion City) by Alexander Ian Loh. It was founded on the belief that great designs with no compromise on quality should be accessible to everybody. Alexander designs with a strong, fiery passion and does not hold back on his ideas. He sees the dial and case of a watch as a blank canvas waiting to be exploited with rich, bold, loud and aesthetically balanced design – and the result of this – the Arcturus LC-1.

Arcturus is the name of a star in the constellation of Bootes and also the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. Like the Arcturus star, Alexander hopes to one day elevate Arcturus Watches to the level of its namesake – the brightest star in the industry, and place his home country of Singapore on the horological map. Follow Alexander on his horological journey as he expresses his creativity and individuality through his designs.




Through his foray into the wonders of the horological world, Alexander fell in love with the simplicity of classic, well sculpted timepieces. However, the charm of louder, more pronounced time pieces spoke to him as well. The only solution in his mind was – balance both conflicting aspects. In designing the LC-1, the liveliness and opulence of the Roaring 20s served as a guiding principle.

The LC-1, an abbreviation for “Lion City 1”, pays homage to Alexander’s home – Singapore – the country that raised him and shaped him. Singapore, though a young nation, is home to a multitude of vibrant cultures with rich histories. Just like the many different cultures and people that make up Singapore, the Arcturus LC-1 draws inspiration from some of the greatest and most iconic watchmakers that ever lived.



The case of the LC-1 is constructed from 316L stainless steel and has a high polished finishing coupled with selective fine sandblasting textures in the grooves of the case. The strong usage of lines and patterns during the height of the art deco period was incorporated into the design of the case.

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The heart powering the LC-1 is a Japanese Miyota 9132 Calibre which has a 40 hour power reserve and a high beat of 28,800bph. The movement has a hacking seconds hand and is capable of manual winding. In addition, the Miyota 9132 features a power reserve meter together with a date window at the 12 o’clock position and a 24-hour sub dial at the 6 o’clock position. The date wheel on the movement was further customised to allow for the opening of a date window to be located at the 12 o’clock position, compared to the usual 3 o’clock position. Finally, each individual rotor is signed with the Arcturus brand name.



dial construction

The dial of the LC-1 is the most technical design of the entire watch. In designing the dial, Alexander wanted to portray the illusion of different levels of the dial. In addition, his guiding designing ethos was “symmetry”.

Depending on the user, one may see it as structures rising from the base of the dial, whilst others may see it as different levels cut out from the stacked dials to give it depth. The entire dial is crafted from 12 individual components – from the minute track, down to the hour markings and the hands – each component specifically designed and engineered to ensure structural integrity.


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The base of the dial comes in 2 variants – a textured dial or a Mother of Pearl dial. The patterns on each Mother of Pearl dial are unique with no two alike. Each of the hour markings have a roman numeral cut out which is then filled with C1 Superluminova to ensure legibility.

The power reserve meter markings are designed to give visual balance to the dial as well, with discreet markings contained within the meter to indicate whether it is empty or full. Furthermore, the power reserve hand is made of a transparent polycarbonate material to give the illusion of an unobstructed date window.


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